Saturday, 30 July 2016

''The Best Person'', Article written by Asriani Rodiah (Alumni 2012)

The best person
You are nothing unless you give some worth to others

Do you ever think of what your existence means to your surrounding even to this world? Well this kind of question might come up to one’s mind if he really think deeply and reflect what he has gone through for several periods. This kind of question reflects the awareness of the person that he doesn’t live for nothing, he must something at least for the ones who are next to him.
So dear, what are you for this short-lasting life?
Here, I would like to give some imaginative conditions to tink of and situate yourself, what would you do if you found yourself in such condition?
1.       Your neighbour loses his HP. He was unaware that his mobile stolen when he got off from the bus. He is then really panic as he needs to make an urgent call but the public phone is too far. You are during that time sitting in the bus stop and have heard the stranger’s unlucky story. You have your mobile and it is full of phone credit. What would you do?
2.       You just go to a market and you see an old lady carrying 3 big heavy bags of groceries by herself. What would you do?
3.       You see an old man trying to take the stair to the 2nd floor but he seems to be weak and needs a hand. And you?
Well, actually what mentioned above is the reality we often find in the society. The question is, what would we do?
Well the answer is yours. I won’t make any push
Okay dear, do you know who is the best person, the best of he best of Allah’s creation? Well He is Muhammad SAW. This very kind hearted person said, “khoirunnaasi ‘anfa’uhum linnaasi; the best person is who more useful to others”. Well dear, You are nothing unless you give some worth to others. Let’s think and note what our value then.

Wallahu a’lam
Whity Adnia


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